Becoming a Weaponsmith in TBC Classic

Weaponsmithing is a Blacksmithing specialization that allows access to powerful BoP weapon recipes at level 70. This guide will show you step by step how to become a Weaponsmith in Burning Crusade Classic.

You must level your character to level 40 and have at least 200 Blacksmithing skill before you can choose a Blacksmithing specialization. Check out my TBC Classic Blacksmithing leveling guide if your skill is not high enough.


Weaponsmith Quest

To become a weaponsmith, you must first talk to Krathok Moltenfist in Orgrimmar or Myolor Sunderfury in Ironforge and click on "I wish to become a weaponsmith". This is an important step, you won't see the Weaponsmith quest if you don't talk to these NPCs.

Then go to the nearby weaponsmith trainer Borgosh Corebender (Horde) or Ironus Coldsteel (Alliance) and pick up the quest The Way of the Weaponsmith.

You will need these weapons to complete the quest:

Do you need to craft the recipes?

No, you don't have to craft these yourself to get credit for completing the quest. You just have to have these in your inventory. You can ask someone to craft them for you, or you can buy all of them from the Auction House.

Total Materials Required

The complete list of materials required to craft the 12 weapons to become a Weaponsmith is:

Learning the Recipes

Your Blacksmithing trainer teaches Heavy Mithril Axe at Blacksmithing 210 and Big Black Mace at Blacksmithing 230. The other two recipes are sold by vendors.

The Plans: Massive Iron Axe is sold by Jaquilina Dramet at Nesingwary's Camp in Stranglethorn Vale. This is a limited supply recipe, so you have to wait if someone bought it before you. (or buy it from the Auction House)

Horde players can also buy it from Vharr in Grom'Gol Base Camp.

Stranglethorn Vale

The Plans: Moonsteel Broadsword is sold by Zarena Cromwind in Booty Bay. She's located in the Old Port Authority in Booty Bay. This is a limited supply recipe, so you have to wait if someone bought it before you. (or buy it from the Auction House)

Booty Bay

Axesmith, Hammersmith, and Swordsmith Specialization

Once you complete the "The Way of the Weaponsmith" quest and become a Weaponsmith, you can specialize further into one of the three weapon specialization: Axesmith, Hammersmith, or Swordsmith.

This step doesn't require any extra quest. You just simply have to travel to Everlook in Winterspring and talk to an NPC.

You can train all three specializations in the same building. The three NPCs are standing next to each other in the building marked on the picture below.

Everlook in Winterspring