Cataclysm Leatherworking Leveling Guide 1 - 75

This Cataclysm Leatherworking leveling guide will show you the fastest way how to level your Cataclysm Leatherworking skill up from 1 to 75 as inexpensively as possible.

Often the materials are based on a case that you will gain one skill point each craft. This won't happen, so you will have to buy a few extra materials while you are leveling your Cataclysm Leatherworking.

Approximate Materials Required:

  • 1500 x Savage Leather
  • 112 x Volatile Fire
  • 50 x Volatile Water
  • 3 x Pristine Hide

Leveling Cataclysm Leatherworking

First, visit any trainer in the main cities of old Azeroth - just ask a guard, and learn Cataclysm Leatherworking.

Check out my Savage Leather farming guide if you want to farm the leathers.

  • 5-10
    5 x [Tsunami Boots] - 35 Savage Leather, 5 Eternium Thread

    You can buy Eternium Threads from Leatherworking Supply vendors near your trainer.

45 - 75

  • 45-57
    12 x [Darkbrand Helm] - 60 Heavy Savage Leather

    The recipe will be yellow for the last 2 points, so you might have to make a few more.

  • 70-75
    5 x [Vicious Leather Helm] - 50 Heavy Savage Leather, 50 Volatile Water

    Recipe sold by the same vendors.

I hope you liked this Cataclysm Leatherworking leveling guide, congratulations on reaching 75!

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